Thunderbird Falls


This weekend we went back to the Eklutna area and hiked less than a mile to the Thunderbird Falls. We got to use our rain gear for the first time as it was drizzling. Being so close to the ground made us very dirty, but the view was worthwhile.


Thunderbird falls, Alaska

Thunderbird falls, Alaska

TeKeela had to be carried for a little while as she does not like going through wooden bridges. Sometimes the openings between boards are to big for her little paws!


Anyway, this was a short and easy hike. Perfect for a typical rainy summer day in Alaska.



Smile, it’s Friday!


Hiking at Eklutna Lake


Last weekend we visited Eklutna Lake. It is a short drive from Anchorage. The weather was perfect, so a lot of people were hiking, biking, kayaking and even swimming!


You cannot beat that view, especially in a clear sunny day.


You can’t fully enjoy the sight when you are so low to the ground, so I got a little help and I got to see what everyone was talking about!


We’ll need to come back some other day and hike the trail to Thunderbird Waterfalls.

Hiking Albert Loop Trail


TeKeela and me at the viewing deck.


Summer is finally here and this weekend we drove ~30 minutes north of Anchorage to hike in Eagle River. We started at the Eagle River Nature Center, which is the starting point to several trails in the area. We walked the Albert Loop trail (~3 mile and flat).


Bailey @ Albert Loop trail


This trail is normally closed by August due to bears feeding from salmon running down the river and then  opens back up in winter for cross country skiing.



Smile, it’s Friday!

Smile, it's Friday!

Happy Solstice everyone.

Under the midnight sun

In celebration of the longest day of the year, here are some pictures of what it is like in Alaska. All of them taken at the same spot, different time of the day.

‘Night’ 4:00 a.m.


6:00 a.m.


Anytime between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Sunset 11:40  p.m.


Midnight Sun


And now, a picture of a happy snowiener!


And another one!


It is starting to look like summer

It is starting to look like summer

It’s nice and warm outside. We went on an early morning walk before it starts to get too hot. We have been limiting to school playgrounds to avoid bear encounters. They are out and hungry and can be found in parks in the middle of the city!

Smile, it’s Friday!


Sun days

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Anchorage in June


The countdown to Summer Solstice has begun. This is a crazy but fun time of the year to spend in Alaska. As we can’t remember when was the last time it was completely dark, days keep getting longer and longer (19 to 21 hours of daylight in Anchorage during June). It’s not unusual to keep doing outdoorsy activities until 9 or 10 p.m. because there is still light. And I do not mean dusk, I mean light like 5 p.m. anywhere else.


11 p.m. in June


This year we have been very lucky and we have been having lots of blue sky, upper 60’s to mid 70’sF degree days.


TeKeela Sunrise


This is Alaska’s prime time.

Smile, it’s Friday!

Smile, it's Friday!

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