Smile, it’s Friday!

And I’m wearing a new coat that my grandma brought me from Mexico ūüėČ


Smile, it’s Friday!

Have a great weekend.


Thunderbird Falls


This weekend we went back to the Eklutna area and hiked less than a mile to the Thunderbird Falls. We got to use our rain gear for the first time as it was drizzling. Being so close to the ground made us very dirty, but the view was worthwhile.


Thunderbird falls, Alaska

Thunderbird falls, Alaska

TeKeela had to be carried for a little while as she does not like going through wooden bridges. Sometimes the openings between boards are to big for her little paws!


Anyway, this was a short and easy hike. Perfect for a typical rainy summer day in Alaska.


Perfect fit


Finding a coat/sweater that fits the short and long can be a challenging task. We do not have any dachshund dedicated retailers here in town. Even though there are some online stores, I would like to be able to try the coat on the pups before spending $50+ dollars in a non-refundable dog item!

So I decided to put my handcrafting skills to use and started making my own dog coats. After several tries I had managed to make one or two that are functional and not too bad looking. The most important thing, T&B are now ready to play in the snow and last longer in the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing lately.


Early design: Easy to put on/ take off

ImageFleece turtle necks:


Full cover up: To protect their chest


This is the newest design with home made quilted fabric. Fleece in the inside, water resistant fabric on the outside to protect from snow/water, light weighted polyester batting in the inside.