It is starting to look like summer

It is starting to look like summer

It’s nice and warm outside. We went on an early morning walk before it starts to get too hot. We have been limiting to school playgrounds to avoid bear encounters. They are out and hungry and can be found in parks in the middle of the city!


8 Responses to “It is starting to look like summer”

  1. Coralee and Finn

    That is one sweet action shot! Be careful of those bears – you two would only make an appetitzer 😦

    • snowieners

      Definitely a concern. I’m starting to like winter better. Ha!

  2. followingroy

    Bears in parks!!!! :O Be careful. You should come to play with me in my favourite park. No bears, just lots of pigeons and sparrows to chase. – Roy

    • snowieners

      That sounds like a lot of fun! We love chasing squirrels and rabbits. Also very curious about the birds.

  3. Miss Harper Lee

    Oh my gosh . . . real bears . . . and I was afraid of a tiger statue! Stay safe. 🙂

    • snowieners

      My feelings exactly. I’m to chicken to stay outside the fenced areas. People here have learned to live with it. I’m not there yet…

  4. Marcie

    Oh wow, that would be something having to watch out for bears! Aren’t you suppose to make noise as you’re going so you don’t sneak up on them?

    • snowieners

      Totally. We wear bells in our harnesses and we bark a lot. No bears encountered yet, but we are in bear and moose country.

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