Black & White Sunday

Celebrating one year since TeKeela arrived home. I took this picture the day we met her.

Smile, it’s Friday!


Wordless Wednesday


Snow Dog


Sad puppy eyes, but so happy when breaking trail!

One of our long haired dachshunds got covered in ice balls over the weekend.

They normally get them in their paws. They get so hard, that it makes it uncomfortable to walk. I can tell either of them is getting one as they start slowing down. I am constantly checking their paws and removing the snow balls from their toes, as these could cause their toes to bleed.

As the snow attaches to the long hair, it melts with their body heat and then it forms ice balls. These ice clusters keep getting larger and larger.

We have been getting heavy wet snow for the past 24+ hours and that didn’t stop us walking the dogs. This type of snow made the snow/ice ball even worse for TeKeela. She got them in between her paws, in her legs and chest, even though she was wearing a coat covering her chest. We constantly had to check her paws and removed the ice balls, but the ones on her chest were more difficult to remove. They kept growing and growing and she was a complete snow ball!

For some reason, it is only her. Bailey will get a small ice ball in his paws from time to time, but nothing like my little girl.

Does your pet get snow/ice balls in their chest? If so, how do you prevent them from forming?


Fast and furious – Tekeela snow ball free.


I’m getting heavier, but I will still beat you, Bailey!

Smile, it’s Friday


I see you! Come and get me.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

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Black and White Sunday

Smile it’s Friday!

Smile it's Friday!

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Singing buddies

A few weeks ago T&B started howling on our way to Doggie Day Care. First time started about a couple blocks before getting there. Now it starts as soon as we leave home.
I still haven’t figured what they are trying to communicate. Is it that they are excited to go out? Is it they hate the car ride? Is it that they need to go out to pee? Is it a reaction to a scent? Are they happy? Are they sad?
I have no idea, but here they are, exhausted and sleepy on our way back. Almost the exact same route.


Smile, it’s Friday!

Smile, it's Friday!

I’m gonna get you!

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