Thunderbird Falls


This weekend we went back to the Eklutna area and hiked less than a mile to the Thunderbird Falls. We got to use our rain gear for the first time as it was drizzling. Being so close to the ground made us very dirty, but the view was worthwhile.


Thunderbird falls, Alaska

Thunderbird falls, Alaska

TeKeela had to be carried for a little while as she does not like going through wooden bridges. Sometimes the openings between boards are to big for her little paws!


Anyway, this was a short and easy hike. Perfect for a typical rainy summer day in Alaska.



14 Responses to “Thunderbird Falls”

  1. Marcie

    You are troopers heading out, even in the rain! At least everyone had their rain gear. My daughter would not be a fan of that bridge at all. She’s not a fan of playground bridges that are high up and have little openings between the slats.

    • snowieners

      It wasn’t that bad. In Alaska, if you wait for perfect weather you might end not doing anything. Ha! Happy WW.

      • Marcie

        Oh goodness! Glad you get out there and make it happen then! 🙂

  2. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    Don’t blame her about the bridges…being so little, she could fall in between those planks! Glad you got out even in the bad weather.

  3. Christine and Riley

    I soo love your pictures and posts… takes me momentarily away from the 100+ degree heat here in California!!!

  4. hutchagoodlife

    It looks a bit wet and cold out there! Not very nice for furries small and close to the ground like us guinea piggies and you little doggies!! Whee are very impressed that you went out in it!

    Happy Wednesday


  5. piranhabanana

    oooh – you’re stylin’ in orange – love it!

  6. barkandchatter

    Looks like a great hike! Don’t worry Tekeela – The Mom hates those gaps too – her high heels always get stuck in them! 🙂

  7. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    Wow…looks awesome!!

  8. dollythedoxie

    What a great walk! Love Dolly

  9. Bethany

    That is one long wooden bridge! Wilhelm doesn’t seem to mind wooden bridges but metal grated bridges or stairs are his mortal enemy. Thanks sharing the lovely, wet hike!

  10. Oz the Terrier

    OMD. The views are spectacular! You look so cute in your rain coats!
    Happy 4th of July!

  11. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    What a great view, I’d have hiked it in the rain too! And, by the way you guys are too cute in your rain jackets!

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