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Today we are traveling with TeKeela & Bailey on an airplane for the first time. We are going to Seattle for a few days to escape from the snow and the cold. We are excited to try new trails and to see how the pups do during a short (3-1/2 hour) plane ride. We love to travel and we are hoping it will be a good experience for the pups as well.

In preparation for our trip, we have:

1) Plane and pet friendly hotel reservations and health certifcate.

2) A soft case for in cabin travel. I made a emergency contact card and attached it to the carrier.

3) A checked suitcase with stuff to feel like home outside our home.

4) Contacted a daycare/boarding facility in the area (just in case).

We decided not to sedate the pups on our way to Seattle, however we did get the pills from our vet. In case we have a really bad experience this time, we’ll re-evaluate giving them the pill on our way back.

Wish us luck!

Tell us about your travel experiences. We’ll tell you more about our next week.


Bailey helping me pack.

Smile, it’s Friday!


TeKeela at Eklutna lake, Alaska (3 months old).

Smile, it’s Friday

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and Christmas is almost here. Happy Holidays!

Perfect fit


Finding a coat/sweater that fits the short and long can be a challenging task. We do not have any dachshund dedicated retailers here in town. Even though there are some online stores, I would like to be able to try the coat on the pups before spending $50+ dollars in a non-refundable dog item!

So I decided to put my handcrafting skills to use and started making my own dog coats. After several tries I had managed to make one or two that are functional and not too bad looking. The most important thing, T&B are now ready to play in the snow and last longer in the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing lately.


Early design: Easy to put on/ take off

ImageFleece turtle necks:


Full cover up: To protect their chest


This is the newest design with home made quilted fabric. Fleece in the inside, water resistant fabric on the outside to protect from snow/water, light weighted polyester batting in the inside.


Embracing the Alaskan Winter

ImageThis week’s adventure took place at Johns Park, Anchorage. This is a small park in a beautiful neighborhood in South Anchorage with winding trails on both sides of a creek. We chose this park because it was one of the few places with ‘clear’ trails after the snow dump earlier this week.

This was our first time walking the area, but it was not new territory to our walking group.  I just wanted to share some pictures, because the landscape was gorgeous.


TeKeela and Bailey did great. They stayed with the group at all times. However, there was a little bit of barking to other dogs. We’ll keep working on that!



Smile, it’s Friday!

TeKeela @ 10 weeks old.


Staying warm during the Alaskan Winter

ImageTrying to stay warm during the six months winter-like conditions is a recurring topic for Alaskans. Besides the usual personal winter accessories, some Alaskans opt for accessorizing their vehicles as well. We are not the exception. We installed auto-start in our SUV. That way, with the push of a button, the car will turn on and start warming up before we are ready for our ride.

TeKeela & Bailey have a crate in the cargo area of the SUV. Once it started getting cooler, I threw in a couple of fleece blankets. They both loved snuggling in them. I started to notice that even though the SUV was on for say 30 minutes, it was still very cold at the back. The fleece blankets were cold too!

So my hubby came up with the idea of getting a 12 volt heated fleece throw.

Fortunately our SUV has a 12V outlet that gets powered only when the vehicle is running (otherwise the SUV battery would die). So we power it up with the car auto start. It does not get too warm and the pups seem to love it.

For additional safety, I sew a piece of fabric around the electric cord to protect it in case the pups try chewing on the cord.

Green fabric around cable and attached to the blanket.

Green fabric around cable and attached to the blanket.

The heated throw would take about 15 min to warm up. That’s normally the time that takes to get anywhere in Anchorage. I noticed the pups being cold whenever we left home. I thought that having a heated garage (we normally keep it at 60 degrees) would help, but I noticed TeKeela shivering once or twice.

So we decided to put our portable 12 volt jump starter to use. Whenever we are home we would connect the heated throw to the portable battery 15 min before leaving. When it is very chilly I even put some of the regular fleece blankets in the dryer for a few minutes. Now they are warm and toasty.

TeKeela & Bailey posing for the camera

Smile, it’s Friday!

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Be aware of the moose!

One of the fun parts of living in Alaska is its wildlife. Having lived in moose country for 5 years now, I have seen them everywhere. They are in a parking lot, they are walking down your neighborhood, they give birth in unfenced backyards and they are obviously in the parks. Even though they are not usually aggressive, they can become aggressive if harassed by people/dogs.

The pups had our first close encounter with the pups at Kincaid Park. Fortunately we saw the moose before he saw us. The big bull moose was peacefully munching a few hundred feet from us. Then my friend noticed two female moose close by. It is amazing how well they blend in. So we assessed the situation. The bull moose lifted his head and looked at us and then head back to eating grass. There was no sign of distress in his body language, so we decided to continue the hike and walk around the area they all were hanging out. I picked TeKeela up. My husband picked Bailey up. We turned the pups bodies away from the moose to reduce the chance of them starting barking. The other dogs were very familiar with moose, so they continued walking off-leash away away from the moose. Our friend kept us calm and boosted our confidence through this experience.

Once we were farther away from the moose, we let both puppies off-leash and continued walking.






Smile, it’s Friday!

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