My new favorite picture

Here is another picture by David Jensen Photography.
As he was taking this picture, he told me, “I’m taking your new favorite picture” and he was right. I absolutely love this shot.


Perfect Shot- part 2

Trying to find the perfect shot, David suggested T&B posed on top of a sleigh. Tequila gets very anxious when stepping over surfaces that look like the ones in a bridge. Normally I would have to carry her over any bridge we encounter. When I saw the sleigh I knew this was going to be a problem. To reduce her anxiety, we placed her paws on top of Bailey’s body. That was the only thing that kept her from jumping down the sleigh. They both stayed still and this was the result. I think this was a cute one.

Another picture from the photo session will be coming up this week. Stay tuned.


Perfect Shot

Posted On February 17, 2013

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I enjoy taking pictures of TeKeela & Bailey. Every single cute or funny pose and I will try to capture it. Most of the pictures I have, have been shot using my cellphone camera. I am an amateur photographer and I was always wondering what it would look like if I had the high end camera, I understood about the lighting and all of that is to know to have the perfect shot. After all, the Alaskan landscape is gorgeous (when the weather cooperates). So we decided to go to David Jensen Photography and turned out to be an excellent choice.
This was our first time doing a portrait session and it was a blast. The day turned out to be nice and clear after a ~8 inch snow dump the night before.
This picture was taken in the parking lot right when we were getting ready to leave at the end of our session. We had been holding the T&B during the photo shoot since the snow was really deep. So by time we finished our session we decided to let them run for a bit. There were some tire tracks in the parking lot, and that would keep them enclosed and not able to run off and at the same time the packed snow would allow them to run faster.
David did not lose any time. He grabbed his camera and jumped into the snow to get at their level and took this great shot. TeKeela was trying to outrun Bailiey, but it was a bit tricky because of the fresh deep snow. I love this picture.

I will be posting more pictures over the week, so keep posted.

Staying warm during the Alaskan Winter

ImageTrying to stay warm during the six months winter-like conditions is a recurring topic for Alaskans. Besides the usual personal winter accessories, some Alaskans opt for accessorizing their vehicles as well. We are not the exception. We installed auto-start in our SUV. That way, with the push of a button, the car will turn on and start warming up before we are ready for our ride.

TeKeela & Bailey have a crate in the cargo area of the SUV. Once it started getting cooler, I threw in a couple of fleece blankets. They both loved snuggling in them. I started to notice that even though the SUV was on for say 30 minutes, it was still very cold at the back. The fleece blankets were cold too!

So my hubby came up with the idea of getting a 12 volt heated fleece throw.

Fortunately our SUV has a 12V outlet that gets powered only when the vehicle is running (otherwise the SUV battery would die). So we power it up with the car auto start. It does not get too warm and the pups seem to love it.

For additional safety, I sew a piece of fabric around the electric cord to protect it in case the pups try chewing on the cord.

Green fabric around cable and attached to the blanket.

Green fabric around cable and attached to the blanket.

The heated throw would take about 15 min to warm up. That’s normally the time that takes to get anywhere in Anchorage. I noticed the pups being cold whenever we left home. I thought that having a heated garage (we normally keep it at 60 degrees) would help, but I noticed TeKeela shivering once or twice.

So we decided to put our portable 12 volt jump starter to use. Whenever we are home we would connect the heated throw to the portable battery 15 min before leaving. When it is very chilly I even put some of the regular fleece blankets in the dryer for a few minutes. Now they are warm and toasty.

TeKeela & Bailey posing for the camera