Let’s go swimming


We are constantly looking for fun fitness activities. We hike all year long, even in the snow. Last winter I learned that not all winter days are the same. The Snowieners enjoy breaking trail, and if the snow is wet, they will get cold faster. Also, they will be prone to getting snowballs in their paws and chest.

We just learned hat there is an indoor pet pool in town! This will be a good alternative for us during rainy fall days or wet snow winter days.  TeKeela tried on the small floating device and it fit perfectly (It’s not easy being a doxie sometimes).

The pool has a ramp entrance. A professional is available to assist the dog in/out the pool. Unfortunately, some local laws do not allow pets and owners to go in the pool together.




We had a blast watching this lab play fetch in the pool.  This looks like a warm, clean and safe fitness alternative. Do you have a dog pool in your area? Please share your experiences.

We are happy to participate in the K9 Kamp Fall Session. This blog hop is brought to you by YDWWWYWPeggy’s Pet Place and Kol’s Notes.

Smile, it’s Friday

This weekend we will be working on the Snowieners costumes for Halloween. There will be a costume contest at the doggie daycare and the picture with the most ‘likes’ in their FB page will be the winner.
We will need your support on Oct 31st. Would you help us?
Will share the link some time on October 31st.
This year, Sugar, the Golden Retriever, helped us find our costumes. How fun!

Wordless Wednesday – first month of Autumn

September 21st

First week of October

Leaves are gone by Oct 21st

Glad we took lots of pictures the first weeks of October!



Black and White Sunday- Doxie painting

Posted On October 20, 2013

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It has been a week since I left home and I am constantly on the look for dogs, especially dachshunds. I saw this cute painting at the airport. In a few hours I’ll be home.
Happy B&W Sunday, everyone.

When we leave town

It’s always sad when we travel and we can’t take the Snowieners with us. After searching for different options, a friend suggested to try in-home pet sitting and it has worked incredibly well for us.
The Snowieners go out on walks and we get pictures of their adventures.

They also get socialized and it’s fun to watch them make friends.

When I get these pictures I know they are having a blast and helps with the guilt of being far from them.

Our pet sitter is a keeper!

Do you have a good sitter in your area? How did you find him/her?

Recently our pet blogger friend from Simply Shaye brought to our attention DogVacay. Have you ever tried it?

Our sitter is not advertised in DogVacay yet. We’ll suggest she joins it.


Smile, it’s Friday!

Go out and play.

Wordless Wednesday -Puppy memories


Black and White Sunday


TeKeela a year ago.

Wordless Wednesday – good bye Fall

Posted On October 9, 2013

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Rain and 90 mph gusts are destroying the Fall scenery.

Fortunately we have some pics from last weekend.

Now is time to wait for the snow…


Black and White Sunday- heeling

Whenever we go hiking off-leash, TeKeela and Bailey walk at a faster pace. They normally are ahead of us by a few feet, then stop to sniff or play around. Then we will catch up and it would start all over again.
Yesterday, Bailey did the cutest thing. He was heeling for the first time but the cute part was that he positioned himself right in the middle of my hubby and me. We exchanged looks a few times.



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