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Autumn hiking

Today’s hiking adventure took place in Hemlock Knob Trail. This trail is in Anchorage and only a 15 min drive from home. In clear days, we get great views of Anchorage and the mountain range across the inlet.


Last time we were here the scenery was quite different. We loved the Autumn colors and found lots of picture opportunities.



It was a lot of fun. What did you do this weekend?


Versatile Blogger award? Why, thank you!


Big thanks to Harper Lee, one of our favorite blogs, for the Versatile Blogger award. We loved the idea of sharing recognition with our favorite bloggers. It is also a great way to get introduced to new blogs.

Here are the rules for The Versatile Blogger award:

Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post.

Thank the person who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post.

Share seven things about yourself:

  1. I started the Snowieners blog in November 2012 to exchange thoughts with the pet blogger community.
  2. I moved to Anchorage in 2007 and did most of my running in paved trails/indoors until we adopted TeKeela and Bailey. They motivated us to hike.

Alaska in the Summer -Eagle River Nature Center

3. The Snowieners are great hikers and little by little we increase our millage per day. Today, we can hike for up to 5 miles in winter conditions.


Hiking with friends – Hilltop Area

4. After a long search for the perfect dachshund coat, I decided to make my own coats. Great advice/feedback has been received through the blog.


Bailey modeling his home-made dinosaur coat.


5. Snowieners have a FaceBook page where we post lots of pictures of our hikes.


Anchorage -Bear Valley

6. I would like to get better at taking pictures. The Alaskan scenery is to die for.


Reflection pond in Denali National Park

7. I now follow a variety of blog themes including pets, travel, photography and DIY.

Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

From the pet blogger community

I am a doxie-holic. Here are some of my favorite dachshund blogs:

Ammo the Dachshund – I am a big fan of his FaceBook page, love the sense of humor in his posts.

Dachshund Nola – I love her training updates. She’s such a smart cookie.

YWWYW – I enjoy reading about Chester and Gretel’s hiking adventures.

Bicontinental Dachshund – She has so many great travel stories back and forth from US to Europe.

Penny from My Life in Bog Years (Love Luna too!) – The pictures in this blog are amazing.

More from the pet blogger community:

It has been great getting to know pet bloggers from different parts of the world.

We love Sugar Have you seen her dog treat recipes?

Bark and Chatter is about life with Finn, a very cute Cavalier. Each Saturday Coralee writes a week roundup of blog posts and other dog stuff they came across each week.

Roxy the Traveling Dog, gets to hike a versatile kind of trails as she tours in their 5th wheel trailer.

Paws it On Is all about recognizing all the good things pets do in people’s lives and ‘Paws It On’ through a treat or gesture. It also has my favorite dog related product reviews.

I really enjoy reading The Cricket Pages. Each posting is like a short story. And every chapter is full of details and well written.

Dog Jaunt has been a great resource for planning our traveling adventures. You can find a lot on traveling with small pets.

Beautiful Mess. I was first introduced to this blog through a pet photography article that I found really fun. Now I am a big fan of their recipe section. Not only her recipes are great, but they always get great pictures to go with. That way I can eat with my eyes most of the time. This one of the most versatile blogs I have seen.

Adventures of a Dog Mom just celebrated its first blog anniversary. Congratulations!

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Spring is in the air, even in Alaska!


Spring is here and even though the snow still covers great part of everything, there is a big change in the atmosphere. Things change quickly here and sunlight is no exception.

Some people believe that the whole state goes dark in the winter, and that’s not true for Anchorage. The shortest day of the year might only have ~5.5 hours of daylight, but I think the long dawns and dusks make it feel a bit longer. After the winter solstice, little by little, we start gaining sunlight back. We start with a few seconds per day, but by now it increases by 5.5 min a day.

By the time most people are celebrating spring’s arrival with blossoms and warmer days, Anchorage people catch up with 12 hours of sunlight. Spring means we start increasing sunlight at the highest rate and our days get longer by one hour every 10 days!

Here are some pictures from our hikes as the snow cover turns into slush.


Ruth Arcand Park. Less than half a mile from home.


Near O’Malley Elementary school after a 20″ snow dump late March.


Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.


Jewel Lake Park. We walked over the frozen lake.