Black and White Sunday- heeling

Whenever we go hiking off-leash, TeKeela and Bailey walk at a faster pace. They normally are ahead of us by a few feet, then stop to sniff or play around. Then we will catch up and it would start all over again.
Yesterday, Bailey did the cutest thing. He was heeling for the first time but the cute part was that he positioned himself right in the middle of my hubby and me. We exchanged looks a few times.




Autumn hiking

Today’s hiking adventure took place in Hemlock Knob Trail. This trail is in Anchorage and only a 15 min drive from home. In clear days, we get great views of Anchorage and the mountain range across the inlet.


Last time we were here the scenery was quite different. We loved the Autumn colors and found lots of picture opportunities.



It was a lot of fun. What did you do this weekend?


Hiking Summit Lake

Summit Lake @ Hatcher's Pass.

Summit Lake @ Hatcher’s Pass.

Summit Lake is 2 miles and 800 feet of elevation from the Hatcher’s Pass Lodge. It was a cool (41F) and rainy day, but we wore our winter coats hiked around the lake. We ran into these four playful Labradors. They were swimming in the lake and I couldn’t help but stare. DSCN3148


TeKeela watching a group of Labs swimming in the lake.

So I decided to give it a try, but the water was too cold for me.

DSCN3161Then we hiked around the lake and found beautiful scenery everywhere we turned.

DSCN3182 DSCN3297

Wet but happy

Wet but happy!

DSCN3326We will come back, hopefully we’ll get a dryer day.

Black & White Sunday


Bear Valley, Anchorage, Alaska (April 19,2013)


This weekend the snowieners hiked more than 10 miles. They enjoyed sunny days and great views. Some grass patches are starting to show up. They sniffed them at every opportunity.