Hatcher’s Pass Adventure

This week we hiked in Hatcher’s Pass in the Talkeetna mountains. It is a short drive from Anchorage, but we decided to stay the night to be able to explore a bit more. There are several campgrounds in the area but we stayed at Hatcher’s Pass Lodge. They run 10 cabins and it’s definitely warmer and dryer than staying in a tent. No running water, but heaters and a warm bed with a view! On top of that it is pet friendly, so we were able to hang out in the main lodge, even in the cafeteria area!


Hatcher’s Pass Lodge

This cabins are at ~3000 ft elevation, and it’s above the treeline. That made Mom feel very happy because she would be able to spot bears from a distance. Fortunately there was no encounter this time. Only marmots! Which if you ask me, it’s even better. With no trees to hide in, we got to sniff a lot of marmot dens. We didn’t catch any though.


Bailey in the a marmot den.

Then we found snow. Yes, snow in July! Most of it were leftovers from the winter. We couldn’t help but do our usual snow dance. After all, we are the Snowieners ūüėČ




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