Near miss- xylitol

It’s no news that the Snowieners are spoiled. They are under supervision 24/7. When we go to work, they go to daycare. When we travel they stay home with a pet sitter.
Yesterday, we decided we would leave them for 2 hours. We cleared coffee tables and surfaces that they might have access to avoid unpleasant surprises.
When we came back we found out tiny cardboard pieces everywhere! They managed to find a pack of gum (we did not know where it was) and completely destroyed it. The gum was there too. It looks like they licked it and the strong mint flavor discouraged them from trying to eat it.
Turns out Clorets do not have xylitol in it and we were OK.
Xylitol is very toxic for dogs! Here is a list I found containing the brands that do not use xylitol for your reference.