Happy 1st birthday, TeKeela

Today is my princess birthday!





Wordless Wednesday


Doggie Day Care


Nap time at doggie day care.

T&B go to doggie day care every day and they do great. Every time we arrive to the facility they get very excited. They both wag their tails to the personnel, and run towards the puppy room. When I get there at pick up time, they look super happy to see us but you can see that they feel just like at home. They come pretty tired after a day of play. It works pretty well for us.



We like to travel and we would like to bring our pets from time to time. So we decided to make a short trip to see how they would handle it. After all, almost everything can be achieved through practice. So we headed to Seattle for the Holidays. It was only my hubby, me and the pups. Most of our activities were pet-friendly; however, we were also looking forward to going out for lunch or dinner from time to time.

The hotel could arrange for a pet sitter, we could leave them in their crate for a few hours or we could find a doggie day care in the area. I found this place in the internet, that was close from our hotel, looked very professional and they have web cams so you can actually see how your pet is doing at all times. I e-mailed this place and made arrangements for an ‘evaluation session’. I also watched their webcams periodically. They had different rooms and they separated big dogs from small. All dogs seemed calmed and just hanging out in the different areas.

By the time we got there, a very rude woman was at the front desk. She looked at me with her least friendly expression and told me I was late for my appointment, that my time was up and they did not have the time for me anymore. I tried my best to stay calmed and explained that no one told me anything about being an appointment. She basically refused the service. I was not going to argue with her; after all, I was there to evaluate the facility as well. Her attitude demonstrated that they were not professional enough. Not worth it, so we ended up leaving the pups in the crate in the hotel room for a couple hours. They napped since we normally would be walking around with them all day.

Smile, it’s Friday!