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And now we wait…

My puppy is sick. It started yesterday when my hubby was wiping some dirt off her face after playing in the backyard. A whole chunk of hair fell off leaving an area of exposed skin. The spot was semi-circular about an inch if diameter. The skin looked irritated. It was late at night and we decided to wait until the next morning to take her to the Vet. She was acting normal and it didn’t seem to be itching.
The Vet is suspecting either an allergy or a bacterial infection. A skin scrapping and culture will determine if it is related to a fungal or bacterial issue, but results will be ready in about a week.
In the meantime, we will be giving her antibiotics (pills and ointments).
Fungal (ringworm) is contagious to both other dogs and humans. Fortunately, it is very uncommon in Alaska. Also Bailey nor us are showing any signs of itchy skin, so more reasons not to suspect ringworm. Time will tell…


Smile, it’s Friday


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Smile it’s Friday!

Smile it's Friday!

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TeKeela playing in the fresh snow.