Smile, it’s Friday!



2 Responses to “Smile, it’s Friday!”

  1. Ann Sowards

    I’m so jealous! I want an English Cream! I don’t share this little dream with my husband, obviously, but someday…! (Down, Franny! Nobody is asking you to swallow a bottle of pills!). Very interesting posts about life in Alaska. In the depths of winter here on Palomar Mtn in southern Ca., I can kinda get a little glimpse. Is the climate changing there dramatically?

    • snowieners

      Nice too meet you, Ann. Well, I have lived in Ak, for 7 years now and every year is a bit different to each other. For example this year we had a warmer winter compared to the lower 48. Last winter we hit the record in terms of snow accumulation. There’s always something that makes it different every year. But we did get our ~6 months of snow, short Spring and Fall and a mild summer (sometimes very wet).
      I love the short haired and wired haired too. Long haired are awesome for the snow. It’s too hot for them when we reach upper 60’s. 😉

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