Product Review: Is Pet Designer Petwear

I recently posted a picture of Bailey wearing a red coat. We got so many responses asking about the coat. The dog coats were a gift from my sister, but I was able to do some research and here are all the details.

The company that makes the coats is named Is Pet Designer Petwear. The jacket is 100% polyester and it’s a light, super soft, sleeveless jacket.


It’s not tailored made for dachshunds, but the XL happens to fit perfectly to Bailey.



The jacket fits TeKeela lengthwise but it’s a bit big around her chest (like most of the regular dog sweaters). It might work a bit better with a sweater underneath. So I really recommend you double check the size chart if you are considering it for a dachshund.


For us, living in Alaska, these are light winter/fall jackets. This is because the Snowieners are short and the snap buttons closure in the front might allow water/snow in, causing them to get cold.

Overall, we love the coats, they are stylish and colorful.

We were not paid for this review. This is entirely my point of view.


One Response to “Product Review: Is Pet Designer Petwear”

  1. Barney the Corgi

    They look so cute. I would have to get one of those too, I have a long body too and most of my clothes are too short and I end up looking like donald duck without pants.

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