Mischief Monday-On or off-leashed?

TeKeela’s gentle reminder that dogs should be leashed at all times.


12 Responses to “Mischief Monday-On or off-leashed?”

  1. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    BOL….That is n awesome photo!!

  2. Kari Neumeyer

    Ha! Leo does that too, with Mia’s leash. Sometimes his own.

  3. Tootsie

    You guys have really cute outfits!

  4. Sue at Talking Dogs

    🙂 Love it!

  5. Miss Harper Lee

    Ha ha! Excellent caption!

  6. 2browndawgs

    LOL looks at them go!

  7. Taffy

    That is a great photo!

  8. Jen DuClos

    Love your blog…Hello! I’m trying to find a great place to take my long haired english cream male doxie to while we are away on vacation 12/20-1/5…my Finn looks just like your 2. He was planning to stay with his Grandma but that plan has fallen through!

    • snowieners

      Hi Jen. I sent you and e-mail with the contact if our pet sitter. Chances are that the Snowieners are related to Finn. Would love to meet you.

  9. followingroy

    Super cute! 😀

  10. Cynthia Mackowick

    Ha- It took me 9 years to let one of mine off leash. She had problems listening once her nose hit the ground 🙂 Beautiful doxies!

  11. weliveinaflat

    Awesome, just leave TeKeela to walk the dog in future. You relax. Have a cup of tea 😛

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