Hiking Chester Creek Trail

This week we decided to try a new trail. Chester Creek Trail is a 4 mile paved trail in town.

This trail is shared by pedestrians and bikes, but soon will become a cross country ski trail as well. The trail ends at Goose Lake.

Once we head back to the car, we un-leashed the Snowieners in a green open area. We practiced their recall skills and had a blast.



7 Responses to “Hiking Chester Creek Trail”

  1. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    Great photo – love the little guys in their coats – so cute. And boy do they look happy!

  2. BoingyDog

    Oh, this is so fantastic! I wish I could take Kayo to Alaska and hit this trail! Great work on the recall skills – looks like they’re doing great at it!

  3. Dog Adventures (@_dogadventures_)

    Love these photos! Looks like you had a ball on your hike!

  4. Gizmo

    This reminds me of hiking the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, also mixed use and open for cross-country skiing in winter…my favorite part of that trail was the warming shack they’d open 🙂 Thanks for joining the hop today!

  5. Sand Spring Chesapeakes

    Great walk you had there, love the ducks.

  6. Paws and Pedals (@FitDog101)

    What a lovely walk and looks like you had soooo much fun. Thanks for coming on the walk the dog BlogHop

  7. Marcie

    Love the first picture with the all out run! 🙂

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