Halloween wrap-up


This year the Snowieners barked non-stop to all the treat or trickers who dared to approach our block.

They also participated in a local costume contest. A Happy Dog Day Camp posted the pictures of the 24th contestants and the dog with more ‘likes’ in their picture within 24 hrs. would win. At first, the Snowieners were a bit behind, but thanks to your votes, the last hour was nerve wrecking. So much, that another dog got declared winner but after reviewing the votes, a Snowiener was named champion as well.
Bailey, dressed as the cowardly lion got over 90 likes. Thank you for all your support. Every single vote was crucial and we are overwhelmed with gratitude. We’ll work harder on next years costume and see if we can win a third time!


7 Responses to “Halloween wrap-up”

  1. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    Oh Yeah!!! I did like that costume, it was too cute.

  2. Gizmo

    Was one ketchup and one mustard? They both look so cute Happy Sunday!

    • snowieners

      Yes. Last year they were ketchup and mustard. Ha ha. Happy B&W Gizmo!

  3. Spencer

    Love your costumes!!! Love seeing what everyone went as for Halloween!

  4. Dolly the Doxie

    Congratulations! The costume is perfect! Love Dolly

  5. Mel

    They look so adorable!!! Glad they did so well in the contest too!

  6. followingroy

    We love the costume!

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