Alaska wildlife edition


Mama bear with her 3 cubs in Katmai park.

This week’s positing is a bit different. I will share with you some pictures I have taken of the Alaskan wildlife over the past 6 years. None of these encounters have been with the snowieners. If it gets to happen I doubtfully will snap a picture.

Here are the big and powerful brown bears. Do not forget to look up, you can also find them in the trees!


Three grizzly in Katmai park.


Black bear in the wild

Black bears are more common in our area. They are generally smaller than the brown bears.

The most common by far are the moose. Look how civilized, these are using the pedestrian crossing!


Cow and calf moose in Anchorage streets

Bald eagles can also been seen throughout our hikes.


Bald eagle in the wild

Less common are the fox and wolves, but they can be seen from time to time.


Fox at O’Malley Golf course in Anchorage


Wolf at Denali national park

For all these reasons, the snowieners have to be very careful while hiking in the city.


6 Responses to “Alaska wildlife edition”

  1. weliveinaflat

    Wery abundant wildlife! Our most exciting urban encounters involve lazy street cats… mostly. Haha!! Be safe!

  2. mrsbearfoot

    These are fabulous captures!


  3. thatjenk

    Foxes are adorable! And that’s an amazing eagle shot!

  4. ScottieMom

    Wow, such beautiful creatures! Good thing the snowieners weren’t with you when you encountered them, though. I’ve heard we have a bit of a coyote problem in areas surrounding us. Makes me a little nervous when we go for walks sometimes. Stay safe! Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  5. Antonieta Martin

    Que bien vivir en esos entornos tan ligados a la Madre Tierra. Pero tiene sus riesgos. Take care!


    Beautiful – thanks for sharing. Congratulations – I have nominated you for the Supersweet Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards!
    Click Here to learn more about the awards and attach them to your blog:
    Thank you for a wonderfully engaging blog which I look forward to reading each week! – WOOF WOOF!

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