B&W Sunday -Grooming day


First thing we do after being groomed is to model for a few pictures…


Then we go and do our thing…


Until then we are happy.



10 Responses to “B&W Sunday -Grooming day”

  1. Coralee and Finn

    Oh my! You two are Super Models! A-roo!

  2. Dolly the Doxie

    So beautiful, did you roll around in the grass so you smelled even better? Love Dolly

  3. Ruby

    You guys are so cute! I love the bandana! Happy B&W Sunday!

  4. pixelblueeyes

    It is so great to meet you on this B&W blog hop! Hope we can be friends. You are very beautiful & I think the final touch you added in the grass is perfect!
    Come visit me sometime…
    Love, Pixel

  5. Miss Harper Lee

    Beautiful and fun. What a perfect combination. 🙂

  6. weliveinaflat

    Oh i like the pictures of you doing your thing 😛 Do you like being groomed?

  7. ScottieMom

    Looking good, pups! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  8. Marcie

    At least you manage to gets few pictures in before the rolling around the yard begins. 🙂

  9. Christine and Riley

    The first picture has the perfect model stance… she must be a ‘Ford’ model!!

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