The Alaskan Fishing Experience


Hundreds of people “dipnetting” in the background


One of the truly Alaskan experiences is salmon “dipnetting”. Every year thousands of Alaskan residents dip their fishing nets at the mouth of the Kenai river and get massive quantities of salmon. The season only lasts ~3 weeks and it is a spectacle.


Dip net


Wearing chest waders, people will stand in the cold water for hours holding heavy nets as the tide raises. 


Redoubt volcano in the background.


They are everywhere!


Do not miss all the tents on the shore!


Four wheelers are needed to travel in the beach, thousands of tents and quads pop up, turning the beach into the second largest city in Alaska!


This year the Snowieners got to experience it all!





8 Responses to “The Alaskan Fishing Experience”

  1. Denise

    I’ve got the snowieners saying quads…. They are learning Canadian English. Excellent! I saw those same views, but am not surprised that I didn’t see the snowieners as there were so many people!

  2. ScottieMom

    How were all those people not paying you attention? I’m not sure I could have gone dipnetting when I could have spent time with you cuties! Hope you had fun. Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  3. followingroy

    Oh wow, dipnetting looks fun. Did you guys catch lotsa salmon? Roy loves salmon.

    • snowieners

      Unfortunately it was a slow day. This time we caught only 3, but in a good day, using this method we can get 30+!
      We had beautiful weather though… How does Roy like his salmon?

      • followingroy

        Wow, 30+. That’s a lot of salmon. Roy loves salmon when it comes from our plate. 😉

  4. weliveinaflat

    Wow, one of a kind experience, do you guys do yearly like a tradition?

    • snowieners

      We will definitely make it a yearly tradition. This was our first time here and it was lovely!

      • weliveinaflat

        Sounds fantastic… I need to put on fresh lenses to look at our tiny country and see what we can make a tradition out of… it’s kind of boring here 😛 Bwahahaha, have a good weekend!

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