Black & White Sunday – While we were out


Foto by K. Logan

This week TeKeela and Bailey were spoiled by their sitter. They went in all kinds of hikes with different dogs and had fun slumber parties every night. Every day we would receive several pictures of their fun activities. We were told they bonded pretty well with this cute Lab. Loved the pic!


14 Responses to “Black & White Sunday – While we were out”

  1. SUGAR: Golden Woofs

    Oh How SWEET! Sending you guys Golden Kisses.Happy Black n White Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. weliveinaflat

    The best kind of update to get on a holiday 🙂 Hope the humans had a good break! 😀

    • snowieners

      It was great, thanks. Especially when you know your pups are in good hands!
      Happy B&W Sunday.

  3. Christina Berry

    Adorable! Looks like they definitely had fun! 🙂

    Hello! We’re participating in our first Black & White Sunday over on The Lazy Pit Bull! Hope you’ll check us out!

  4. GizmoGeodog

    Lucky dogs! I’m sure you enjoyed hearing such great reports from home

  5. dollythedoxie

    Oh oh sounds like M&D are jealous! Sure looks like you had fun, hope you visit my new website soon! Love Dolly

    • snowieners

      I will now.

      • dollythedoxie

        Thanks guys we have always loved your blog! Love Dolly

  6. barkandchatter

    Awww… looks like tons of fun! 🙂

  7. Mel

    I love reading about how much fun dogs are having with their sitter. I loved pet sitting and giving updates to the moms and dads. They always said that their dogs would sleep teh whole day after getting home because they were so busy. What a sweet picture. 🙂

  8. ScottieMom

    Aww! Glad they made friends!! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  9. Dogs N Pawz

    Precious! It’s always fun to meet new buddies!

  10. Miss Harper Lee

    So sweet, and how great to get puppy pics while you’re away. Happy Black and White Sunday!

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