Black & White Sunday



9 Responses to “Black & White Sunday”

  1. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    Looks like you have each other’s back!

  2. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    You guys are so dang cute!!

  3. barkandchatter

    Looks like you’re having some Sunday fun! :0

  4. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    Little mini-golden retrievers – so cute.

  5. Mel

    Two musketeers? Very cute. Of course, I already thought they were adorable. Just sweet!

  6. Miss Harper Lee

    Coming and going! Back and forth! Happy Black and White Sunday!

  7. Ruby

    So cute! Great picture! Happy B&W Sunday!

  8. Elizabeth Bergesen

    You two are super cute!

  9. followingroy

    So gorgeous!

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