Pet-friendly fine dining


Eveleigh Restaurant pet-friendly seating area

A few weeks ago we returned from a trip to sunny L.A. The weather was in the 80’s and perfect for patio dining. We stayed in the West Hollywood area. Lots of restaurants have patios and welcome dogs. We tried few in the area. Nothing memorable but we were happy to be able to take our pups with us. Then we came across Eveleigh. This is a five star restaurant located in Sunset Blvd. The dog-friendly area is a little garden nicely landscaped and enclosed.

We really enjoyed our tapas (small plate) style dinning.


Parpadelle, lamb steak and patatas bravas.

Definitely, a night to remember.


TeKeela @ Eveleigh


TeKeela undercover.


TeKeela and Bailey napping while we are having our anniversary dinner.


3 Responses to “Pet-friendly fine dining”

  1. Ruby

    They look like they were so well behaved even with all that delicious food around!

    • snowieners

      Thanks Ruby. We are still working with them. TeKeela is so spoiled and wants to be held a lot.

  2. Miss Harper Lee

    What a fantastic place. The setting and the food both look delicious, and I think it’s just great that the Snowieners were able to celebrate your anniversary with you. They are adorable camped out on the cushion!

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