Black & White Sunday

This weekend we got what I hope it was the last snow of the season. It is very unusual to have snow this late and I think we hit some kind of record. It snowed for more than 24 hours and it was sticking at higher elevations.

We did not get to hike this weekend. The puddles and the wet snow were a bad combination. Hopefully, we’ll get to it next weekend.



8 Responses to “Black & White Sunday”

  1. Ruby

    These are great pictures! I love that they are both looking back as if to say “Do we have to?”

    Happy B&W Sunday!

  2. Marquie

    Snow in May? We’ve been there before! We use to live in the mountains of Utah and if we were lucky the snow was gone by May, but usually it wasn’t gone until June. It can get annoying sometimes, right? 😉 Hopefully you made the most of it and had some fun in the snow! I hope you get to go for that hike soon!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  3. dachshundnola

    I LOVE that last one!

  4. Pam@WordsWithWieners

    I love both of these! The bottom one is fantastic! If those were mine, they’d be saying, “Do we have to?” But I know yours are used to MUCH, MUCH more snow than that. I’ve seen your other photos and know that they’re used to hiking through some pretty deep stuff.

  5. Ann Sowards

    I love the cream Dachshunds! My black and tan, Phoebe, has a cream underbelly and undertail and leg hair…very unusual. Supposedly the gene for cream doesn’t coexist with red, but it does on Phoebe. She has cream from her great great grandfather, but still, it shouldn’t happen! I definitely plan on getting an English Cream someday.

    Nice photos!


    I’m back again to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award because I just love your snowventure pictures with the snowieners! Thanks for sharing them!

    • snowieners

      Thank you for sharing your award with the Snowieners, Pam. Love your cutie Li’l Girl. I’m a doxieholic!

  7. What I’m Reading: Road Trip Edition

    […] new to me pet blog- Snowieners- the story of long haired Dachshunds in Alaska. It was their lovely Black and White Sunday post that got me to click. I’ll be clicking […]

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