Spring is finally in Alaska, and with it comes the squirrels visiting our back yard. There are several of them and they run from backyard to backyard through the fences. They occasionally will jump to the trees and definitively will make a lot of noise. I like to believe they are alerting the other squirrels about us being around.

  Bailey and TeKeela are not very happy about our Spring visitors. They bark and chase them as the run past our fence. Sometimes they will just stare at them.





11 Responses to “Squirrel!!”

  1. Roxy the traveling dog

    Oooo, we love to chase those!

  2. Miss Harper Lee

    Adorable photo of the Snowiener-squirrel stare-off!

    • snowieners

      You should see them. Every time they go to the backyard they are searching for the squirrels. It’s very funny.

  3. Ruby

    I love the pictures! Squirrels are a favorite in our house!

    Happy B&W Sunday!

  4. Robin

    Attention! Squirrel is in the house! Just being a good dachshund, right?!

    • snowieners

      Poor little guys. They do not know what to think about it. Bailey’s face says it all!

  5. Marcie

    Sometimes the squirrels are very good at taunting the dogs around here! It’s like they know just where to sit to be a tease but not get bit. 🙂

    • snowieners

      I know. My neighbor keeps feeding them and every season we get more and more!

  6. Mel

    LOL! That last one made me giggle. I think you can consider that a stand off. 🙂

    I see spring really has come to Alaska! It appears it has finally made it to MN too. 93 degrees today. I can’t believe we actually had snow flurries on Saturday. See? I could move to Alaska easily! 🙂

    • snowieners

      93f! So jealous. We are lucky if we reach over 70 … and that’s in summer. 😮 Enjoy the warm weather!

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