Black & White Sunday


Bear Valley, Anchorage, Alaska (April 19,2013)


This weekend the snowieners hiked more than 10 miles. They enjoyed sunny days and great views. Some grass patches are starting to show up. They sniffed them at every opportunity.


10 Responses to “Black & White Sunday”

  1. mrsbearfoot

    Wow! They hiked 10 miles! I don’t think I could have hiked that far. Impressive!

    • snowieners

      It was over three days. We did 6 in one day, though. Happy B&W Sunday!

      • mrsbearfoot

        That’s still darn impressive – they’ve got short legs! 😉

  2. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    Can’t believe all that snow…still…in April. Guess that’s Alaska.

    • snowieners

      It’s much better at sea level. This picture was at a higher elevation, therefore the amount of snow. Happy B&W Sunday!

  3. Marcie

    Finally, some beginning signs of spring for you!

  4. thatjenk

    What a great view!

  5. Miss Harper Lee

    Wow . . . 10 miles is super impressive. That’s like 40 miles in tall-dog distance. 😉

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