Spring is in the air, even in Alaska!


Spring is here and even though the snow still covers great part of everything, there is a big change in the atmosphere. Things change quickly here and sunlight is no exception.

Some people believe that the whole state goes dark in the winter, and that’s not true for Anchorage. The shortest day of the year might only have ~5.5 hours of daylight, but I think the long dawns and dusks make it feel a bit longer. After the winter solstice, little by little, we start gaining sunlight back. We start with a few seconds per day, but by now it increases by 5.5 min a day.

By the time most people are celebrating spring’s arrival with blossoms and warmer days, Anchorage people catch up with 12 hours of sunlight. Spring means we start increasing sunlight at the highest rate and our days get longer by one hour every 10 days!

Here are some pictures from our hikes as the snow cover turns into slush.


Ruth Arcand Park. Less than half a mile from home.


Near O’Malley Elementary school after a 20″ snow dump late March.


Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.


Jewel Lake Park. We walked over the frozen lake.


34 Responses to “Spring is in the air, even in Alaska!”

  1. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    You guys look pretty cute in those coats. All set to weather the weather!

  2. usoncloud9

    That doesn’t look like the spring we know!

  3. Cascadian Nomads (@CascadianNomads)

    Blue sky, some sun & snow- that’s a perfect spring!

    • snowieners

      That’s the best we can wish for. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. piranhabanana

    You guys seem to love the snow… I hate how it freezes my doggie parts. Please keep the snow. Chicago doesn’t need it. WOOF! ;o)

    • snowieners

      We do have winter-like conditions for a great part of the year. We need to find ways to like it. Sorry about your dog’s frozen parts. I’m guessing you are getting the wet kind of snow :-s

  5. Sue at Talking Dogs

    Great photos! Glad you’ve got those cute coats! Brrrrr….

  6. Roxy the traveling dog

    Cool photos!! But I don’t know about all that snow.

  7. Oz the Terrier

    It is so pretty. You both look toasty-warm in your fab coats! Cheers to longer days ahead!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. Ledfoots Pet Bakery

    You have a winter spring. lol Not like around here. Snow is melted and it should get up in the 50’s by tomorrow. Thanks for sharing about your daylight. What parts of Alaska is in complete darkness during winter months and how long?

    • snowieners

      Alaska is a big state, so the Northern part would experience complete darkness for close to two months while the Southern part would be having more than 7 hours of sunlight that same day.

  9. Miss Harper Lee

    Such interesting information about your daylight . . . and I’ll just take your word for it that spring is in the air.

  10. FleaByte

    Omigoodness! That is so cool about the daylight! I’ve mostly lived in the southern US, so am clueless about such things. Thank you!

    • snowieners

      Thanks for stopping by. It is truly a very interesting experience. Cold but interesting.

  11. Bailey

    We usually are snow free by now, but it is still hanging on in New England.

  12. Beagles and Bargains

    That is what your spring looks like?? Luna and I wished so hard for snow this winter! It has only been rainy and windy. Enjoy your daylight!

    • snowieners

      By the end of Spring everything will be so different. We’ll reach around 20 hours of sunlight here in Anchorage, flowers, green everywhere, the whole thing!

  13. Marcie

    I bet by this time of year, you are ready for a warm-up!

  14. Carol Bryant

    Beautiful photos. Found you on the BlogPaws blog hop!

  15. Dogs N Pawz

    Great pics! I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Alaska! Happy WW!

    • snowieners

      It can be a trip of a lifetime. Happy to help you with recommendations whenever you start planning!

  16. mrsbearfoot

    Looks like some great hiking places!

    • snowieners

      There’s so much to explore! And all these places are in town.

  17. KB

    Your pups are so cute. My friend has 6 of the same kind of dachsund, and they get huge snowballs in their fur when it snows a lot.

    I’m so glad that spring is in the air for you! I’ve seen photos from Alaska in the winter, and it makes me want to visit in the winter to see those very long dawns and dusks. Photographers call that kind of light “magic”.

    • snowieners

      Thanks! Alaska is a photographer’s paradise. Winter or summer there’s so much to offer. Let me know whenever you start planning a trip to Alaska. I can recommend you tons of places.

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