Singing buddies

A few weeks ago T&B started howling on our way to Doggie Day Care. First time started about a couple blocks before getting there. Now it starts as soon as we leave home.
I still haven’t figured what they are trying to communicate. Is it that they are excited to go out? Is it they hate the car ride? Is it that they need to go out to pee? Is it a reaction to a scent? Are they happy? Are they sad?
I have no idea, but here they are, exhausted and sleepy on our way back. Almost the exact same route.



14 Responses to “Singing buddies”

  1. Kathi

    Romeo does the same thing. We leave the house and as soon as we cross Lake Otis he starts in. The weird thing is he only does it in the morning. We can go the same route on a weekend or some other time and he sits quietly in his car seat in the back.

    • snowieners

      It must run in the family! It is so funny that it’s a morning thing. Maybe it’s because they are all full of energy 🙂

  2. Adventureweiner (@Adventureweiner)

    Chester and Gretel whine and chirp when we pull off the highway to access a trailhead. They somehow know even if we have never been there before. I would say your two are barking because they are excited to go. It IS perplexing that they start doing it as soon as you leave because how do they know where you are going? They probably have it figured out if the leave around the same time each day though.

  3. goldenwoofs

    Woof! Woof! I hear you … glad you were relaxed on the way home. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. piranhabanana

    Love it! WOOF WOOF

  5. Stefanie @ DogSplendor

    Mine do the same thing when they realize they are going to the park or to doggy day care – and complete, exhausted silence on the way back. 🙂

  6. Janet Roper

    LOL! A doggy duet! Actually, a trio, my dog Max started to sing along 😉

  7. Ledfoots Pet Bakery

    Great video they are cute. Daisy likes to howl when she hears fire trucks or police car sirens. She will hear the sirens on tv and howl. LOL

  8. Fluffy Tufts

    I think they look happy, so probably excited to go out!

  9. Dogs N Pawz

    They are so cute and they make great music together!

  10. Global Dachshund Crossposting

    Skye starts talking when we go to certain places for our visits but not all.

  11. Flea

    They’re singing for happiness! That’s pawsome!

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