And then, there were three…


TeKeela leading, followed by Romeo and Bailey.

No, we did not adopt another puppy. The third one is Romeo, a old friend of T&B. We met Romeo at doggie daycare last year and it was TeKeela’s first love! Who could resist that cute face! On top of that, he is family. He is Bailey’s big brother.

It has been a long time since they last played together because we moved T&B to the the new doggie day care branch closer to home. Few days can top today’s fun. The weather was perfect, the pups where out and running and you could tell they were just having fun.


Romeo taking the lead while TeKeela gives Bailey a hard time.


Then, two more small dogs joined the play date. Caramel and Bubbles are rescued dogs available for adoption with Friends of Pets in Anchorage, Alaska (such a sweethearts).


TeKeela and Bailey rushing for the pack picture.



Finally, all together. Smile!



6 Responses to “And then, there were three…”

  1. barkandchatter

    Looks like piles of (snow) fun!!! Happy B&W Sunday! 🙂

  2. Kathi

    We had so much fun with all the dogs. It was a great day! Romeo was exhausted.

  3. Elizabeth Bergesen

    Oh boy, looks like a bunch of fun!!

  4. Adventureweiner (@Adventureweiner)

    Beautiful dogs and I love seeing them having such fun in the snow.

  5. Maggie Cooper

    That looks like a fun wagging day! The first picture is fantastic.

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