Perfect Shot- part 2

Trying to find the perfect shot, David suggested T&B posed on top of a sleigh. Tequila gets very anxious when stepping over surfaces that look like the ones in a bridge. Normally I would have to carry her over any bridge we encounter. When I saw the sleigh I knew this was going to be a problem. To reduce her anxiety, we placed her paws on top of Bailey’s body. That was the only thing that kept her from jumping down the sleigh. They both stayed still and this was the result. I think this was a cute one.

Another picture from the photo session will be coming up this week. Stay tuned.



12 Responses to “Perfect Shot- part 2”

  1. Sue at Talking Dogs

    Great photo!


    You would never know she was scared, they are both ready for Top Model!

  3. SUGAR: goldenwoofss

    Woof! Woof! It is very CUTE. Both are looking at the camera. Happy Blog Paws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Roxy (@RoxyTrvlingDog)

    I love that, very very nice!!

  5. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    They look so cute and their blue jackets are just darling and a great pop of color against the snow!

  6. Oz the Terrier

    That is a GREAT photo. They are precious. (And I don’t like walking over bridge-things either.)

  7. Wag The Dog UK

    Oh my goodness what a terrific shot! Love the blue jackets with all the white. It really pops. Why do certain dogs get fearful of bridges? Maggie’s BFF (best, furry, friend) gets just as scared.

  8. Miranda and Pocket

    Oh, my. Those two look absolutely perfect in their snow suits!

  9. Fluffy Tufts

    Very cute!

  10. Kirby the Dorkie

    Great shot – magazine great shot!

  11. Kristin

    Gorgeous photograph! Tequila and Bailey are great models.

  12. Stir Fry

    Gorgeous photo!

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