Perfect Shot

Posted On February 17, 2013

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I enjoy taking pictures of TeKeela & Bailey. Every single cute or funny pose and I will try to capture it. Most of the pictures I have, have been shot using my cellphone camera. I am an amateur photographer and I was always wondering what it would look like if I had the high end camera, I understood about the lighting and all of that is to know to have the perfect shot. After all, the Alaskan landscape is gorgeous (when the weather cooperates). So we decided to go to David Jensen Photography and turned out to be an excellent choice.
This was our first time doing a portrait session and it was a blast. The day turned out to be nice and clear after a ~8 inch snow dump the night before.
This picture was taken in the parking lot right when we were getting ready to leave at the end of our session. We had been holding the T&B during the photo shoot since the snow was really deep. So by time we finished our session we decided to let them run for a bit. There were some tire tracks in the parking lot, and that would keep them enclosed and not able to run off and at the same time the packed snow would allow them to run faster.
David did not lose any time. He grabbed his camera and jumped into the snow to get at their level and took this great shot. TeKeela was trying to outrun Bailiey, but it was a bit tricky because of the fresh deep snow. I love this picture.

I will be posting more pictures over the week, so keep posted.


2 Responses to “Perfect Shot”

  1. Elizabeth Bergesen

    That is a beautiful photo!!

  2. Wag The Dog UK

    So sweet love the tail bite

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