Here we go!


Today we are traveling with TeKeela & Bailey on an airplane for the first time. We are going to Seattle for a few days to escape from the snow and the cold. We are excited to try new trails and to see how the pups do during a short (3-1/2 hour) plane ride. We love to travel and we are hoping it will be a good experience for the pups as well.

In preparation for our trip, we have:

1) Plane and pet friendly hotel reservations and health certifcate.

2) A soft case for in cabin travel. I made a emergency contact card and attached it to the carrier.

3) A checked suitcase with stuff to feel like home outside our home.

4) Contacted a daycare/boarding facility in the area (just in case).

We decided not to sedate the pups on our way to Seattle, however we did get the pills from our vet. In case we have a really bad experience this time, we’ll re-evaluate giving them the pill on our way back.

Wish us luck!

Tell us about your travel experiences. We’ll tell you more about our next week.


Bailey helping me pack.


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