Embracing the Alaskan Winter

ImageThis week’s adventure took place at Johns Park, Anchorage. This is a small park in a beautiful neighborhood in South Anchorage with winding trails on both sides of a creek. We chose this park because it was one of the few places with ‘clear’ trails after the snow dump earlier this week.

This was our first time walking the area, but it was not new territory to our walking group.  I just wanted to share some pictures, because the landscape was gorgeous.


TeKeela and Bailey did great. They stayed with the group at all times. However, there was a little bit of barking to other dogs. We’ll keep working on that!




2 Responses to “Embracing the Alaskan Winter”

  1. dachshundnola

    Brrr! I’ll keep my Florida winter, thanks! 😉

    • snowieners

      We do enjoy the snow, but would not mind a little bit of warmth. Today it is 1F and too cold to play outside.

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