Be aware of the moose!

One of the fun parts of living in Alaska is its wildlife. Having lived in moose country for 5 years now, I have seen them everywhere. They are in a parking lot, they are walking down your neighborhood, they give birth in unfenced backyards and they are obviously in the parks. Even though they are not usually aggressive, they can become aggressive if harassed by people/dogs.

The pups had our first close encounter with the pups at Kincaid Park. Fortunately we saw the moose before he saw us. The big bull moose was peacefully munching a few hundred feet from us. Then my friend noticed two female moose close by. It is amazing how well they blend in. So we assessed the situation. The bull moose lifted his head and looked at us and then head back to eating grass. There was no sign of distress in his body language, so we decided to continue the hike and walk around the area they all were hanging out. I picked TeKeela up. My husband picked Bailey up. We turned the pups bodies away from the moose to reduce the chance of them starting barking. The other dogs were very familiar with moose, so they continued walking off-leash away away from the moose. Our friend kept us calm and boosted our confidence through this experience.

Once we were farther away from the moose, we let both puppies off-leash and continued walking.







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