Walking off leash for the first time

Living in Alaska has its challenges. Snow/ice covers the ground mostly from November to April each season. Leash training can be challenging, especially if the dog start pulling while going thru an icy area.

We decided to give off leash training a try. A friend and very experienced pet-sitter coached us through our first off leash experiences. We joined one of her dog groups and headed to Far North Bicentennial Park

We started in a wide open area were my friend’s pack were practicing fetching the ball. Bailey and TeKeela were wearing their harness and leash when I left them loose and started practicing voice command. Both proved to have very good recall and I rewarded them with some treats.

Then we headed to one of the trails. Bailey and TeKeela followed the pack with no problem. I picked up TeKeela’s leash whenever we got close to other groups because her instinct was to bark and want to get closer to sniff them. We’ll need to practice more to get rid of the bad habit.
Overall it was a great success. I really enjoyed watching them have so much fun.





4 Responses to “Walking off leash for the first time”

  1. Gizmo

    I often hike off-leash with Gizmo and am grateful that he learned the rules as quickly as he did…Sounds like you’re going about it int he right way…Wishing you much success and happy trails

    • snowieners

      Thanks! I was looking at some of your pictures and they are great. Greetings from frozen Alaska.

  2. Adventureweiner (@Adventureweiner)

    I didn’t know you guys live in Alaska. I would like to hear more about the off-leash training. I am not sure I have ever heard of that. Most places we go dogs are required to be on leash but I would like to know that I could take Chester and Gretel off leash if the opportunity arose.

    • snowieners

      I’ll post more about it this week. The pups really love it!

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